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Shine On! Successful Suitors Sport Well-Kept Shoes

Do you want to make a good impression in the workplace? Do you want to boost your social life? Improve from the bottom up by taking care of your shoes.

Sloppy Shoes Stumble on the Corporate Ladder

Business recruiters rate good grooming as very important to becoming a senior executive. Furthermore, these same personnel experts said the poorest-groomed people in their companies tended to be young male executives, and the best groomed people were the middle-aged or older executives.

The most common mistake — and the most damaging — was unshined shoes. It shows no attention to minor details, disorganization and that they, “don’t have it all together.”

The number one complaint about female job candidates was an unfirm handshake. Number two? Unkempt shoes.

If You Want a Date, Shine Your Shoes

Young women are more critical of young men wearing scuffed shoes. Two out of three young female professionals indicated that unshined or scuffed shoes suggested negative characteristics. Half of the young men felt the same.

Negative character traits suggested by unshined shoes were sloppiness, indifference to good grooming and to detail in general and carelessness.

Your shoes are a reflection of your personality

Well kept shoes stand for professionalism, attention to detail, ambition, efficiency, conscientiousness, organization, confidence and friendliness.

Unkempt shoes make the wearer appear disorganized, sloppy, lazy and careless.

Go Getters Get their Shoes Shined

Ninety-seven percent of ambitious young professionals recognize shined shoes as important to the way they look on the job.

Ninety-eight percent of people interested in rapid promotion said they wear freshly shined shoes most or all of the time.

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