New Jersey Exhibitors

Here is a list of companies registered to exhibit at SSIA's 117th Annual Convention. Check back periodically as more will register before the show.

Angelus Shoe Polish Co.

Angelus Brand, established in 1907, is a renowned American company revered by professionals and enthusiasts alike, including cobblers and DIY artists. Specializing in premium shoe care and customization products, our range features top-quality leather paints, dyes, and a variety of shoe shining and conditioning solutions. With a focus on maintaining and transforming footwear, Angelus Brand is dedicated to providing the finest materials for shoe restoration, care, and creative expression. Proudly made in the USA, our products are the go-to choice for those seeking excellence in shoe care and personalization.


Abelsoft’s product suite was built by industry experts for industry experts. Thirty years of owning and operating a chain of dry-cleaning stores has given us first-hand experience to understand the ins and outs, opportunities and challenges of running this business. It has also given us a unique vantage point into what a comprehensive business management solution in this market requires. From our origins in the dry-cleaning space, we have expanded into new verticals to accommodate shoe repair, laundromats, and tailoring businesses. Arbelsoft has a significant global footprint of 3500 customers internationally and has established itself as a thought leader in the market place since year 2002.

Canadian Beeseal

Leather conditioner 100% natural made with beeswax and vegetable oil.

Casali 2.0 SRL

Since the 1970s we have been producing footwear accessories, 100% made in Italy, and we have become a reliable partner for the heel manufacturers of major Italian brands.

The care and precision that distinguish all our products, in addition to our constant research focused on innovative materials, led us to the development of products dedicated to shoe repairing, with a special attention to heels, dowel lifts, soles, half soles and other accessories, which we distribute worldwide supporting the daily work of master cobblers.

Every product has been designed with utmost care in order to make cobblers' work easier and to convey a new life to shoes thanks to the use of highly performing materials in terms of technical and aesthetic results

Our aim is to support master shoemakers, providing them with top quality products which facilitate the shoe repair and refresh the shoe aspect. We want to make cobblers' work easier and faster by helping them to offer a flawless repair which makes the customer fully satisfied and is able to return worn shoes to their original conditions.

Therefore, we have designed a range of products made from the best material available on the market: lightweight, non-slip, resistant and recyclable. We work hard to be the best partner for both distributors and cobblers for the repair of elegant and high-fashion shoes.


We are building a business management and point of sale platform for repair shops.

Cuoificio La Querce SRL

Veg pit tanned sole leather bends and sole leather components.

Fiebing Company, Inc.

The Fiebing Company has been making leather dyes, leather finishes, leather care products and shoe care products in Milwaukee, WI since 1895. The three main brands that are owned and operated by the Fiebing Company are Fiebing’s, Kelly’s and Snow Proof.

Goodyear Performance Outsoles

With more than 40 years manufacturing shoes and shoe components, Polyconix Corp. manufactures the highest quality repair trade products under the Goodyear brand. We are sure to offer innovation and creativity to our new products and always available to listen to you, our customers for new ideas.

Landis International, Inc.

Landis International Inc. is a world leader manufacturing for new and reconditioned quality machinery equipment for the orthopedic and shoe repair industry. Already the undisputed leader and main supplier for North America,

LM Professional Srl

LM Professional is an Italian chemical producer specialized in product for shoe and leather care. We offer a specific professional use line called LM Professional and a consumer line called LM Home. Both lines includes products for cleaning, repairing, coloring and shining shoes and leather items.

Our company is highly focused on the quality of our products and the technical assistance for professionals.

Lederfabrik Kilger

Top quality leather, made in Germany and tanned naturally – this is what the Kilger family stands for, now in its sixth generation. For more than 160 years, we have been expressing our love of the material through unique, durable products. Our aim is to produce the world’s best leather.

Meltonian LLC

Shoe care and insoles.

Moneysworth & Best

Established in 1984, Moneysworth & Best Quality Shoe Care (M&B) is a family-owned, and proudly Canadian, leading and trusted brand in the industry. M&B develops, produces, distributes and markets one of the largest assortments of shoe and foot care products across North America and abroad.

M&B’s Mission: To provide premium quality shoe care products and comprehensive retailing solutions, while promoting the importance of caring for and extending the life of footwear.

M&B products are made of the finest quality materials sourced from around the world. M&B offers over 750 premium quality shoe and foot care products including:

Pecard Leather Care Co.

Pecard Leather Care Co has been manufacturing their care products in Wisconsin since 1902, becoming a trusted name in leather care. Pecard's original leather dressings and oils were not created out of vanity, but rather NECESSITY. The lumbermen of the north woods needed to protect their investment; they needed their expensive leather boots and gear to stay dry in the cold, wet and often harsh environment of Wisconsin's north woods.

Pecard fun fact: Pecard Leather Dressing was chosen in 1928 by Admiral Richard E. Byrd to protect his crew and their gear on the first expedition to the South Pole. It was also chosen by the crew of "Operation Deepfreeze", a series of explorations across the Arctic Circle.

Tested, proven and perfected our products have stood the test of time again and again. Condition, preserve, protect and weatherproof your leather goods Pecard leather care products.

Pedifix Medical Footcare

PediFix has been providing professional quality footcare products to SSIA members for 15 years. We’re a bit of an anomaly providing medical products into the shoe repair trade. It’s for one main reason, it sells! There are many SSIA members that compliment their overall product offering with PediFix and enjoy great success—not only by providing products that aren’t available in chains but also the increased revenue and profit the line generates. See us at SSIA this summer to learn more!

Pedorthic Footcare Association

The Pedorthic Footcare Association (PFA), founded in 1958, is the only not-for-profit professional association which represents the interests of pedorthic professionals and supports the Pedorthic profession at large. A thought leader in the provision of therapeutic shoes, shoe modifications for therapeutic purposes, partial foot prostheses, foot orthoses and lower extremity modalities for the past 60 years.

Petronio Shoe Products


Renia GmbH

Renia was founded in 1930 and has been owned and operated as a family business ever since, currently in the 4th generation. Renia produces truly universal adhesives for all materials found in shoe repair and O&P, as well as supplementary products such as solvents and primers for certain difficult materials. Contact adhesives like Colle de Cologne, Ortec, and Topfit set the standard for versatility, ease of use, and workplace safety - all products are Toluene- and MEK-free. All Renia products are developed and manufactured in Cologne, Germany, while Renia USA Inc. in Norcross, GA serves as a logistics hub for the US market

SoleTech, Inc.

SoleTech has been a pioneer in sourcing materials and products overseas. SoleTech was among the first US companies to source products in the Far East and soon became a key player in the shoe repair and orthopedic industries. With this rich history in sourcing products overseas, SoleTech management has developed strong relationships with manufacturers throughout Asia, Europe, South America and Mexico. These relationships and connections give SoleTech access to many products that other companies would not have access to. We are constantly helping source new products for our customers and continually look to see how we can introduce new products and help our customers save money. Please contact us if you want us to source products in the shoe repair, shoe manufacturing or orthopedic market that your company needs.


Established in Vittorio Veneto (Treviso) in 1948, SVIG Srl is one of the main Italian firms specialized in the production of rubber and plastic articles for both shoe repair and orthopaedics.

SVIG registered office is set in Genova, while its production is still based in Vittorio Veneto where it was originally founded. In 2006 Svig Srl together with Fratelli Barbieri Srl (MOVI® mark) joined F.B.G. Srl group: all together they offer a complete range of products for shoe care and shoe repair.

The raw materials quality, a constant check of the production process and a dynamic and flexible team make SVIG Srl be highly appreciated and present in both home market and foreign trade.

Svig products are 100% Made in Italy, in fact all the production phases take place in Vittorio Veneto.

For 10 years SVIG has been committed to introducing recycled and sustainable materials while improving quality; at the end of 2023 SVIG obtained the official Italian certification REMADE IN ITALY that ensures that the recycling of materials is real by verifying the entire production process. Its ethic and civic commitment has enabled SVIG to obtain other 2 certifications: the environmental certification ISO 14001 and the occupational safety certification ISO 45001.

Tan Company Italia SRL

Tan Company offers a big range of tools and products for shoemaking, leathercraft and shoe repair. More than 7 branches in Italy and in the world, 200 different countries served daily, more than 3000 articles for the world of footwear and leather goods always available, a powerful network of agents and retailers in every corner of the globe, make TAN a company that has made innovation its absolute strength.

Topy SAS

We are an industrial French company based in France manufacturing rubber products for shoe repairers, orthopedics and shoe manufacturers? we export for more than 70 years in 63 countries around the world.

TRG Bestnets USA LLC

Shoe care - insoles - rubber

Vibram Corporation

Vibram is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of high-performance rubber soles for outdoor and leisure activities, workwear, fashion, orthopedics and correction. For over 80 years the yellow octagon that symbolizes Vibram has been synonymous worldwide with quality, performance, safety, and innovation in the footwear industry. With its international headquarters in Albizzate (Varese) Italy, Vibram produces more than 40 million soles every year, dedicates over one million kilometers to testing, is present in 120 countries and has manufacturing, research and representation bases in the USA, China, Japan, Brazil, and Italy.