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SSIA is introducing its first "Pimp that Shoe" contest. What does that mean? The contest combines the craftsmanship required for the Silver Cup Contest with the creativity to finish the entry in a way that showcases your unique skills. We hope to show off both the skill and the creativity in our industry.

Awards and Prizes
Judges will award gold, silver and bronze plaques with cash prizes of $500, $250 and $150 respectively.

All entries will be displayed at SSIA's 117th Annual Conventions where members will be invited to vote for their favorite job. The entry with the most votes will receive the  People's Choice Award along with a $150 cash prize.

Who is Eligible?
Shoe repair shop owners and their employees are eligible to participate. Entrants or their employers must be members of SSIA.

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Entry Fees

The fee to enter the contest is $25 per entry. One entry per person. However multiple people from the same shop can enter.

Shoes will be displayed at SSIA's 117th Annual Convention in July. If you want your entry returned, you can either pick it up at the show or pay for return shipping after the show.

Rules and Regulations
This contest is designed to reflect the standard of “re-crafting” or “re-manufacturing” that has been set for today’s shoe repairers. However, the contest also allows for the artistic expression of the craftsperson. The repair work will be judged on the following:

Heel Replacement - Sanding, trimming, breasting angle balance, finish, overall appearance

Sole Replacement - Sole width, edge trim, setting, finish, sole thickness, shape, texture, stitching, overall appearance.

In addition to repair work, entries will be judged for creativity. Unlike the Silver Cup Contest, the judges are not looking for a "like-new" result. They're looking for a "better than new" result that is an expression of your unique creativity.

What to Enter
You must enter one man’s shoe with a new full sole and a new heel. Finishes are at your discretion. All shoes must have Goodyear welts. Others will be disqualified.

The repaired shoe must be submitted with its unrepaired mate. Do not enter new shoes. Shoes not in need of repair will be disqualified.

We discourage blind stitched shoes because this is a category that is judged to see how well the shoe is stitched. A blind stitched shoe will not be counted as stitched.

How to Enter
Entries are due in SSIA’s office by March 31, 2024.

Ship Entries to:
SSIA Silver Cup Contest
Attn: Mitch Lebovic
20 Danada Square West #234
Wheaton, IL 60189

SSIA will keep the winning entries until the conclusion of the 2024 convention so we can display your craftsmanship. No exceptions.

When will awards be announced?
The finalists will be contacted in May 2024 and their names will be announced on the SSIA web site. However, the specific awards will not be revealed to the public, to the judges, to the SSIA board of directors, or to the winners until the awards presentation at the association's 2024 convention. No exceptions.