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The next Silver Cup Contest will be held in 2015 and SSIA has expanded it to include North American and International divisions. Repairers from the United States and Canada will compete for theRobert DiRinaldo Grand Silver Cup. Repairers from all over the world will compete for SSIA's first World Cup. DETAILS


SSIA has designed posters for you to use in your shop based on the theme, "Shoe Repair: It's More Than You Think." Artwork is 24 x 36 inches and can be handed to Staples, Fedex Office or similar companies as is to produce your posters. It can also be uploaded through their online systems if you prefer.

Posters are available to SSIA members. Click here to download them. (Note: You will need your SSIA user id and password.)


Interested in opening a shop or finding a job? Click here to visit our Career Center.


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Jacksonville to Host Convention

The 111th Annual SSIA Convention will be held July 25-26, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Fla. Click here for more information.

Winter 2015 Promotional Materials Available.

The first of four 2015 promotions for SSIA members is currently available for download. Themed, “Shop the Shoe Store in Your Closet,” the materials encourage consumers to look in their closets for repairable footwear and bring them to shoe repair shops. These materials are available to SSIA members only, so you will need your user id and password. Click here to download them.

The Cobbler to be Released in March

The Cobbler, starring Adam Sandler, Dustin Hoffman and Steve Buscemi, will be released in the U.S. on March 13, 2015. Sandler plays a New York shoe repairman.


Because this movie features shoe repair, there is an opportunity to publicize your business. As the movie is released, local media outlets will be interested in finding their own version of "The Cobbler" which, of course, is you. SSIA has prepared some materials to help members take advantage of this.


Click here to review them.


Thank You Sponsors

Thank you to the following companies who are sponsoring SSIA 111th Annual Convention in Jacksonville.

SSIA T-Shirts, Aprons Available for Purchase

SSIA t-shirts and aprons are now available for purchase. We are selling black shirts for men and pink shirts for ladies, along with black aprons.  DETAILS

Download the Latest
Issue of  Footprints

Check out the Winter 2015 edition of SSIA's new newsletter.  DETAILS 

What Shoe Repair Shops Do

In addition to replacing soles and heels, here are some other footwear-related services you can find at your local shoe repair shop.

  • Shoes can be stretched for increased comfort.

  • Shoes can be adapted to fit unique feet.

  • Shoes can be professionally waterproofed to protect from salt stains.

  • Heel tips can be changed from hard to non-skid rubber.

  • Heel savers can be applied to prolong the life of the heel.

  • Protective soles can be applied to prolong the life of the leather soles.

  • Eyelets and other hardware can be replaced.



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