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Converting Laced Up Shoes to Velcro Straps

by Dana Huval, Huval's Boot and Shoe Repair,

Crowley, LA

First I removed the laces from the shoes.

Next I cut out a patch (like the shape of an eye patch) a little longer that I needed because I wanted to sew a seam directly to the inside part (midline) of the shoes.


This seam was sewn smooth-leather-side down. This way the patch would bend over covering the stitching and eyelets. By sewing it this way, there was no need for a ring for the strap to pass through.

Next I sewed the loop-side of the Velcro to the outside piece of leather that would attach to the shoe, following the pattern I sewed to the hook-side of the Velcro onto the outside of the shoe.

Now, this Mom can send her child to school without worrying about if her shoes will stay tied all day.

For this child's pair of shoes, I charged $ 25 for this service.

This job could be done for young children as well as older adults who have a hard time lacing their shoes.

If the shoe fits, repair it.

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