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What Kind of Extra Sales Do You Get from Your Customers?

by Dana Huval, Huval's Boot and Shoe Repair,

Crowley, LA

If you have a lady who brings in two pairs of high heels shoes for new tips, you can offer her a toe tip, shoe shine or even a sole protector. Thankfully our wholesalers have gone the extra mile and stocked great products like the M-7 sheet that works great for toe guards. This sheet comes in three colors to be able to match the sole color of the shoe we are working on.

M-7 Sheets

M-7 material on a shoe before trimming it out

Of course you can use a leather toe tip to replace this worn area of the toe. But by using rubber, you will be able to charge a little extra while giving your customer the confidence that they will probably never wear this rubber toe out ever again. The sole guard material available to use also comes in tan, brown, black and even red (for the Christian Louboutin shoes) for added protection to any shoe. This will also prevent the person from easily slipping while wearing their shoes with this new sole protector.

Soleguard material in tan, black, oak and red.

Shoe shines should be an easy addition to any shoe or boot repair ticket. My approach to any shoe or boot is to pick up the shoes in a way that shows the front toe area to the customer while asking “would you like us to clean, condition, re-color and protect your shoes?” If they have work boots, we will also offer a water sealer for an additional charge. Nine times out of ten, the customer will have this additional service added to their repair job. We mainly use Urad which is an all around great product for any of the softer leather shoes. If you have Urad, try to stir the mixture at least once a month. It works best when it is in its liquid form. It is also better if you can clean or replace your sponges often. You will be amazed at how easy it is to use and how well your items will come out.

When a boot customer comes in, do you check over the boot? Perhaps they have a broken pull strap or a seam that is unsewing. One important thing would be to see if they have a re-movable insole. If they are a older pair of boots, insoles are a easy item that can be replaced. Our customers will come in with the needed repairs, but there can always be a thing or two that can be added for a higher ticket price.

Some repairers in our industry give a free shine with all repairs. That is great! Some really do give this service away while others have already included the extra price with the charge for the repair work. They just do not let the customer know it. I will give a complimentary shine with soles and heels; otherwise we always offer the service for a price. We do have an extra special price for muddy boots. We will wash them with LCI/Dyo foam before doing any repairs on them.

I have found even with this uncertain economy, price has not been a major concern with my customers. They want to have their favorite footwear look nice and still feel comfortable. If you do great repair work for a fair price, your customers will be thrilled with their repaired items.

The general public has no idea on what type of services we offer. If we do not take advantage and educate our customers on these extra services we can do, we are missing lots of extra income.

“If the shoe fits, repair it.”
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