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Shortening Red Wing Works

by Dana Huval, Huval's Boot and Shoe Repair,

Crowley, LA

Red Wing Works have higher tops that most customers will like to wear. These boots can be shortened many ways. This has been the best way I have found to do it.

I keep a sample cutting of an old top to use and draw a black line to show the new shortened height of the boots.

I take off 4 inches from the scallop of the boot.

This boot has an inside lining; so I find it easier to sew binding tape right below the black line I have drawn before cutting off the excess.

Then I fold the binding tape towards the inside of the boot and sew another seam at the edge of that tape. This made it look really nice.

This customer also wanted a zipper installed.

Since the inside liner could cause a problem, I sew a closing seam to prevent both pieces from separating. I realize it is extra sewing, but it is an easier way for me to do a nice job with these boots.

Finally I re-attach the pull strap a little farther back so my customer will have an easier time pulling on the boots.

For this time consuming job of cutting the tops of the boots, I charge $25. I also charge $20 per zipper. Total job is $65. The job is time consuming, but it is also a great ring-up on the cash register.

I have left the white lining showing, but I will darken it before the customer picks them up.

Do you have a special way of doing a job you would like to share, if so e-mail me, so I can share it with our fellow repairers.




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