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An Easy Way to Remove Dowel Pins

by Dana Huval, Huval's Boot and Shoe Repair,

Crowley, LA

Would you like to know an easy to take to dowel pins out?

This wonderful hot nail machine will be your best friend.

For fast and easy removal of nails and dowels from heels, the Supreme Hot Nail is ideal. The bench machine can be operated by a single touch with one hand and is equipped with a long handle to accommodate boots. It handles both plastic and wooden heels. The Supreme Hot Nail bench machine operates on 115 volts and has built in short circuit protection.

Once your hot nail is heated, put to probes on the medal tip that has been worn out. This machine will heat it the pin.

Quickly grab the medal pin with some very small cutting pliers (I purchased mine small pliers from Sears for under $ 5.00)

The pin will come out very easily.

Install a new Avanti Dowel pin and your job is complete.

These wonderful Hot Nail machines are available thru:

Shoe Systems Plus, Inc.
249 West Main Street
Goshen, NY 10924-1930 T
Tel: 800.354.6278
Tel: 845.291.7022
Fax: 845.291.7097

Gateway Worldwide
10206 U.S. Hwy. 50
Lebanon, Illinois 62254
Telephone 618.537.4289
Sales & Service 800.752.7897
Tech Support Line 618.537.4288
Fax 618.537.4131

You will enjoy this investment; it will make your repair work much easier.

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2017 Shoe Service Institute of America
1013 Beards Hill Rd. Suite 101 Aberdeen, MD 21001 410-569-3425 fax: 410-569-8333