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What Would You Like to Learn?

by Dana Huval, Huval's Boot and Shoe Repair,

Crowley, LA

Are you satisfied with the repair jobs you do? Would you like to have a chance to talk to other repairers on topics like?

  • How can I re-attach a high heel to a shoe with the confidence that it will stay on the shoe?

  • How can I use a press to attach heels (not dowel pins) on ladies shoes without using nails?

  • How to make more money with over-the counter shoe aids, because you realize your customer’s feet hurt

  • How can I finish my work better in a way that it looks like a better job?

  • How can I run the counter so I can make more profits?

  • What retail products should I concentrate on having in my shop?

If you would like the opportunity to spend two days with fellow repairers where you can have a chance to talk shop, learn a lot and make friends with some of the best people in the world, start making plans now to attend the SSIA convention this July in Baltimore, Maryland. If you need to start a Baltimore fund, you have half of the year to save funds allowing you to attend the show. This is always the show of a lifetime and it is crucial for your business that you attend.

If you have never attended a SSIA show, this is what you’re in for. The suppliers who make the products will have them on display so you will be able to touch, feel and ask questions about the products your might have. They can show you how to use the products as well as offer suggestions you may not have thought of. One of the best things about this is, while you’re talking to a supplier chances are another repairer will also be asking questions. You have the ability to learn so much from others just by listening while looking at the products.

Hope to see you in Baltimore.

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